Property Management

Busy investors have been putting up with a poor property management experience for too long.
Bad communication and broken promises have become the norm.
It’s time for a better solution, one that’s simple but works.

Where your issues are addressed quickly, allowing you to get on with your day.

> Faster and more efficient responses, so your worries become a thing of the past.

> Expert advice from a knowledgable team specialised in looking after your property.

> Consistent service focused on building a long term partnership with you.


Committee Setup

All buildings with communal areas should form a manage committee as a standard obligation, according to Cyprus legislations. The committee is required to be elected via general meetings of the owners and create an established legal entity, which is accountable of building’s communal areas.


Financial Management

A property needs a well prepared financial planning to retain its value. It has running expenses that need to be maintained and be prepared for anything that is required.


Utility Payments

Part of the financial management is the settlement of accounts and the payment of the utility bills. With good planning, any liabilities are paid on time, for your building to run smoothly.


Debt Collection

For a building to run smoothly, it is required that it has adequate money to pay for the expenses such us utility payments and maintenance. Most of the time the sole income is the communal fee paid by the individual owners. In case of bad debtor, the risk of having problems with the smooth operation of the building is big. The collection of the communal fee is even more difficult in cases of vacant residences. With our expertise in debt collection, we promise that we will keep you trouble free.


Legal Issues

The residences and the management committee are accountable to the legislation for all the matters concerning the common areas of the building. We are by your side to consult you in order to fulfil all your obligation both to the residences and the public liability.



We make all types of building maintenance, preventive or corrective.

We believe property management should be a simple, reliable and enjoyable experience.

Every single owner and tenant has the same high-quality experience. All handled by our committed and caring team. 
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