Individual Property Management

We recognise that every property is different. Our property management team use their expertise and unmatched knowledge to tailor services to meet the individual requirements of the property owner and their property.

We are not just property experts; we are communicators.

> Faster and more efficient responses, so your worries become a thing of the past.

> Expert advice from a knowledgable team specialised in looking after your property.

> Consistent service focused on building a long term partnership with you.


Keyholding Services

Vacant buildings are more susceptible to many threads, such as vandalism, intrusion, deterioration and natural damage. We safeguard your property on your behalf 24/7. That includes regular checking for any problems or damages. In the event of anything happens, you will be notified immediately, and problem will be rectified as soon as possible.


Utilities Payment

When a building is empty, the running costs should, in theory be low. We don’t take this for granted. In case of an electric device left turned on, or there is a water leakage in your garden, you may not know about it until you get a surprisingly large bill. We carry utility meter checks which will keep the bills at low cost. Once your bill arrives, it will be paid. No worries for you.


Postal Forwarding

Do you have any important mailing on your residence? We will make sure you will get it. Sometimes it may be a legal letter, or a letter from the authorities, a bill, or a notice. We make sure that you will get. Your mailbox will remain empty, so you will not give the message to intruders that you property is vacant.



Anything can happen to a vacant residence. Having a well schedule inspection schedule, we make sure that any problem will be detected as soon as possible. Whatever that is natural or malicious damage. With us inspecting your residence will retain it’s value.


Legal Issues

Having a property may have some legal related issues. For example, authorities may require some aspects of law to be met concerning your property. In case of an event, someone may be required to be present on your behalf. We want to make sure that you have nothing to worry.



We make all types of building maintenance, preventive or corrective.

We believe property management should be a simple, reliable and enjoyable experience.

Every single owner and tenant has the same high-quality experience. All handled by our committed and caring team. 
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