Building Maintenance

Our broad experience and fully licensed tradesmen ensure that every job is completed with professionalism and fully guaranteed workmanship. Regular maintenance can add value to your asset and provide peace of mind yet finding a professional and ethical maintenance company can often be a hit or miss experience. 
Don’t let your most valuable asset deteriorate when a solution is only a phone call away.

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A clean building is what makes you and your tenants feel comfortable living in it. In addition to aesthetics, it is also important for good hygiene. Public areas, because they are used by a large number of people every day, need regular cleaning. They regularly collect dust, dirt and trash. It is considered the most necessary work and must be performed frequently.



We design, develop and maintain the garden of your property, so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its beauty. Whether the garden requires a complete transformation, simple arrangement or continuous maintenance, we can provide you with the highest quality gardening services you need.



One of the most important factors in maintaining a swimming pool is the proper balance of its chemicals. You need to make sure that the pool is a safe environment for your health. A well-maintained pool also prevents the destruction of the structure. Afterall, your pool is your pleasure on hot – and not only – days, and you should enjoy it properly!



Our technicians keep your elevator system safe and in operation. This is a systematic process that involves finding and resolving problems before they cause damage, malfunction or shutdown of the machine.


Fixings & Handy Jobs

Minor technical issues appear daily. We are here to serve you in whatever needs immediate adjustment and correction.



Every day we depend on electrical systems. Regular electrical maintenance ensures that every part of the system works properly, creating a safe environment for all tenants, free from any kind of risk.



One of the most important aspects of building maintenance, as any leak can cause various problems both in the structure of the building and in the health of the tenants, due to the humidity it can cause. Proper maintenance of the hydraulic system will keep you away from any problems caused by clogged or damaged pipes.



Humidity is caused by many factors related to the use of the building, the material, the utilities, the location, the direction and many others. High humidity is dangerous for both – the building and the health of the occupants. To prevent or overcome, it requires an expert and experienced team.


Paint Jobs

The aesthetics of the building, contributes to increase its value and at the same time makes it a nice place to live. In addition, it contributes to its durability.


Pest control

Rodents and insects transmit diseases, infect kitchens and bedrooms and bite your pets. The purpose of removing any kind of parasite is to keep you safe and healthy while keeping your home clean of any kind of dirt from them.



A good insulation contributes to an energy efficient building and protects it from humidity.

We believe property management should be a simple, reliable and enjoyable experience.

Every single owner and tenant has the same high-quality experience. All handled by our committed and caring team. 
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