We created our company based on hard work and consistency.
We aim to create a personal relationship with you with respect and honesty!

Our purpose.

To organize the operation of your property without you having to face disputes, financial issues, technical problems and reduction of the value of your property.

Our goal.

Rest assured that your property is safe in our hands!


In 2013 my family and I moved to a residential complex consisting of 32 houses. It was the first time I had the experience of “shared living” along with all its consequences. In the process, I realized that out of 32 houses, only 3 were inhabited while the rest needed maintenance. There I started as an amateur trying to give life to the complex! Property management has always been on my mind as a profession, I just wanted to create something different from the options already offered. So, I put everything in order and with a proper planning, the difference between before and after was now obvious! This was my first experience with the field as an amateur. From there on, I got trained in property management, opened an office in Larnaca and chose loyal and experienced associates.

Today we manage 137 houses by Cypriot and foreign investors and 58 communal buildings in Larnaca. My team and I, with perseverance, understanding, honesty and teamwork can take over your property. With our cooperation you will know a different way of management that will surely leave you happy. We consider our obligation, our clients to see their real estate work smoothly and get the positive results they deserve! The value of your investment is always respected!

Christos Kyzis
Founder of Ch.Kyzis Property Management
Property Consultant


Vasiliki Mavrides

Account Building Manager
“Organization and processing are the 2 key words in the management of buildings, apartment buildings and residential complexes. With our cooperation you will feel that you have the right people to manage your property!”

Ifigenia Giannara

Administration Manager
"We are always by your side with respect and trust to offer you the best possible result - A building (apartment building / residential complex) that over time will increase its value!“

Loizos Louca

Coordination Manager
"Transparency in all our operations is what makes our customers trust us with their property!"

Interested? We are ready to work!